Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Themes for 2010

Lady Gaga exploded onto the music scene in 2008 and hasn’t been out of the limelight ever since. Her costume changes have lead to comparisons with Madonna, except that Gaga’s, it seems, are much more frequent! If you’re a female and want an eye-catching Halloween costume this Halloween, why not become Gaga for a night?

Lady Gaga Costume Ideas: Leotards and Long Blond Hair

When Lady Gaga began her career she was known for not wearing any pants. Instead, she choose leotards, long blond wigs and distinctive big sunglasses. This is the classic Lady Gaga look and the big costume manufacturers have produced a number of outfits to suit this style.

The Pokerface Adult Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Kit is a great way to get started without having to buy too many items. It comes complete with the statement wig, long black gloves, sunglasses and eyelashes so you can create the look. Just team it with a leotard and you’ll look just like the Lady herself! Don’t forget to combine this with the statement hair bow clip, which is sold separately.

Next up we have the officially licensed Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Blue Swimsuit, new for 2010. It features a vibrant blue swimsuit (showing off the legs in a way that would make Gaga proud!), with side cutouts, a plunging neckline and structured shoulders. It doesn’t come with the wig. You can buy the Lady Gaga Straight Adult Wig with Bangs separately. Combined, you’ll have an extremely distinctive Gaga getup!

The other officially licensed Lady Gaga Halloween costume to be released in 2010 is the white VMA performance outfit, coming with the crop top with attached sleeve, white hot pant shorts, boot covers and the white lace eye mask.

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Accessories

There’s no shortage of Lady Gaga Halloween costume accessories. If you want to buy your accessories then you’re probably going to want to get a wig. There are two major choices here: the blond wig (mentioned above), or the shorter blond curly wig that she was sporting throughout the first half of 2010 and in the hit video to Telephone. You can also combine the wig with the classic Lady Gaga headscarf or the Lightning Bold Makeup Kit for a more authentic look!

Lady Gaga is also famous for her hats. Instead of buying one readymade, why don’t you make your own? There really are no limits when you’re dressing in a Lady Gaga Halloween costume: the woman who wore a telephone as a hat! Be as creative and, more importantly, as BIG as you possibly can. Make heads turn and you’ll really be living like Lady Gaga!

Don’t forget the beer can hair rollers, as we saw gaga sporting in the Telephone video. A somehow classy way to wear trash! But we wouldn’t recommend teaming it with sunglasses made from lit cigarettes as she does in the video. You have been warned!

She calls her fans “Little Monsters” and that’s just what you’ll become with this Lady Gaga Costume theme for Halloween 2010!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hosting a Haunted Halloween Party

No one says that you have to go out to have a good time on Halloween. Parties are one way to spend the evening at home and still have fun. Guests have fun and also find safety. Maybe this year you will host a Halloween party of your very own.

Send out invitations well in advance of the event. We know the date of the party so that is not a problem. Most people will either be attending another party, going trick or treating with the kids or attending your party. Let’s hope they attend your party.

Come up with a menu for the event. Ghoulish treats such as witch’s fingers or Jell-O eyeballs floating in the punch may be great for kids but a bit too macabre for some adults. In that case, stick with spooky decorations and normal looking food.

The best thing about Halloween parties is that they can be planned for both adults and children. Careful planning will give the adults time to unwind while the children are otherwise occupied. Tend to the children first.

In the early evening take the kids for a little door to door fun. While they are going through their snacks and eating finger foods that you prepared in advance, the rest of the work for the adult part of the party can begin.

If you want to serve drinks, keep it simple. Beer and wine involves less work than an open bar. Anyone drinking can’t drive home. Designate a driver or walk from home to the party. Neighborhood Halloween parties have the convenience of close proximity.

Have a few age appropriate Halloween videos for the kids to watch in the family room or living room when the guests retire to the patio or backyard for fun. Host a costume contest or a pumpkin carving contest. A little Halloween karaoke might break a few noise ordinances, but it will thrill the guests. Who knows all the words to “Monster Mash”?

Since the kids are a consideration, hosts can ask each invited guest to bring a dish to the party. This way, cleanup is faster and the host doesn’t have to do so much hard labor. They will appreciate the help.

Any types of games that are planned should be played before drinks are served. Too many accidents occur when someone’s judgment is impaired by alcohol. Want to host a Halloween party? Grab the most frightening decorations, some eats, and creepy music, mix with a few friends and you’re sure to have a great time!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2008

Each year, some costumes pop up more than others. Everyone seeks to be original, but the only way to be truly individual is to make your own costume. Barring that, you will look like someone else on that night. The trick is to look better than they do.Here are some of the most popular costume ideas for 2008.

Diehard Halloween fans are preparing as we speak for that one night of scary fun. The good thing about some of the popular costumes this year is that they work for kids, teens, and adults.Trends in Halloween costumes often follow trends in movies. Popular movies always spawn a costume idea or two for October 31st. The most popular film so far this year is The Dark Knight. Batman has achieved a new level of cool that everyone wants to emulate. Tall, dark, and mysterious is in this year as many scout the stores for Batman paraphernalia.Who doesn’t love a villain? They allow us to imagine we are bad without actually being bad. All votes this year are for The Joker. The super villain of The Dark Knight is not the whimsical psycho we’ve seen in the past. He is the real deal and scary. Adults will take pleasure in dressing up as this character.There have been several super hero movies of late.

Super heroes are always in season because they champion the cause of justice, and their costumes are really cool. For this year, kids and adults will emulate Wonder Woman, Superman, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, the X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, and Spiderman. Adults will add a little sex appeal to those costumes so as to differentiate themselves from their kids.Religious costumes are always a family favorite.

For those who celebrate Hallelujah Night at church, dressing up as Noah, Moses, John the Baptist and Jonah still highlight these events.

Cartoon characters are popular for kids. Some of the most popular are Japanimation creations like Naruto, Yugioh, Digimon, and Pokemon characters. These characters are joined by Disney favorites like Hannah Montana, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.But, the life of the party is still the costumes with timeless appeal. We are speaking of the 20’s flapper girl, Betty Boop, doctor and nurse, witches, devils, and of course, sexy Elvira.

It wouldn’t be a party without at least one of these people showing up.What will you wear this year? Go with the popular crowd or set your sights on a more unique invention. Either way, have fun not only the night of Halloween, but putting your costume together too!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween Baby Costume Idea

Little Elmira Baby Witch Costume

Witches have been about of the Halloween traditional for decades. At first the Celtic culture started Halloween or All Hallows Eve as a celebration and we have since turned it into a time for costumes, candy, and parties. Witches are always popular with the younger girls and that will include babies. If you are hoping to make a witchy Halloween you can dress as a witch and create a baby witch costume for your offspring.

There are also good witches and bad witches so you have a myriad of colors to choose from when looking for a baby witch costume. If you are interested in making a baby witch costume you can head online or to your local craft store for patterns. For some simple at home witch costume making you should see the tips below.

First when you aren’t really in the mood for purchasing a costume or spending money on fabric you can use the items you have in your home. Any baby clothing that is a dress can be quickly made into a baby witch costume. All you need is a dress with a ruffle skirt in black or white. Add a witch hat and a wand and you can have a little baby witch costume in no time. If you are looking for a better idea you can always purchase a pattern and add a few colors.

There are many Halloween baby witch costume patterns to be found online. You can add a tattered hemline to a dress, orange, black and other colors, or you can make the witch a good white witch with a snow witch costume. It is important to have leggings with the baby witch costume. The shoes should be little black numbers with a buckle on the side. The hat can be made with strong wire and black fabric for the traditional look.

Making the baby witch costume wand at home is extremely easy. You need a little pipe tubing or some tin foil. For a baby what ever you use should be covered with a soft cloth you won’t mind them chewing on. You can also add beads or bells to the inside of the wand for a little rattle. The rattle can keep your baby occupied while you socialize at the party. Elmira is actually a character from Tiny Toons a hit animation show in the late eighties. Elmira was a little girl who loved animals. In the show she was depicted as a witch during Halloween events. If you wish to stick with the Little Elmira icon you can add a red wig to your baby witch costume.

Halloween witches have been around for generations. As a baby witch costume you may not want to add long lashes or nails, but you can add a little makeup with a few warts or even fake nails made out of gloves. The tattered dress is just one design you can make with a costume at home. You can also have a straight line hem on the dress for a more simplistic pattern.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Sexy French Maid Costumes

The label “Sexy French Maid Costumes” is just about redundant! The image of a French maid is sexy enough without the word tacked on at the beginning. So, it is little wonder that many men love the idea of their wife or girlfriend dressing up in sexy French maid costumes. And, these days, Halloween is not the only time people don costumes. Between costume parties, theme parties (even adult parties!), a couple’s wedding anniversary, maybe some harmless role-playing fun and Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of occasions when sexy French maid costumes might come in useful.

Of course, some people are less than enthusiastic about the idea of walking into their local costume store and looking at some of the more risqué sexy French maid outfits. For that matter, the nearest store might be quite a long drive away. So, between embarrassment and gas prices, you might want to search for an alternative. Well, fortunately, in this day and age, an alternative is a mere mouse click away. If you go onto the Internet and do a search for costume suppliers, you will get quite the list. And, one of the best out there in cyberspace is, which will have just what you need in terms of sexy French maid costumes.

So, you want to look at sexy French maid costumes? Not a problem at; they have got a full line. Their costumes come in a wide range of sizes so it doesn’t matter if you are petite or plus size; you can find what you want. One of their outfits is specifically designed for the lady with curves, designed to make her sparkle and shine. They have a nice chambermaid’s outfit that is conservative enough for most parties, and several frisky, sexy numbers. They even have a gothic French maid’s costume, for those of the slightly “darker” mindset. And, new for 2007, they have a very hot Playboy French maid costume. Serve your man breakfast in bed in this outfit, and you will not leave the bedroom before noon! There is even a Hugh Hefner costume available for him, to truly make him feel like Mr. Playboy.

At, they have a secure checkout system that accepts all major credit cards, and shipping can be had for as little as $4.99, if you don’t mind a week or two for delivery. If you and your partner are too frisky to wait, a one to two day shipping schedule is only $17.99.

Also, you can always try putting together your own outfit. A French maid’s costume isn’t that tough, it is the sexy aspect that is sometimes elusive. Check out local thrift stores and/or Goodwill stores for old fashioned petticoats and a short black skirt.

Then, some sheer black stockings will draw attention to your legs, especially if you really shorten the skirt. A trim little lace apron, a hat and a feather duster go a long way toward completing the illusion. Again, many thrift stores will have some examples of these. For that matter, simply buying an apron at your local store and clipping it can sometimes be enough. With a little imagination, you will be surprised at how you can create several different types of Sexy French maid costumes.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Frugal Halloween

How do you celebrate Halloween when there is little cash in your wallet? The frugal Halloween way, of course!

Even though Halloween is the second highest spending season, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to give your family a fun and memorable Halloween.

Here are a few frugal tips from frugal moms.

Trade Costumes – Organize a costume swap party with friends and neighbors. Most certainly, they all have costumes that their children have either outgrown or aren’t interested in any longer. Make a pact to yourself that you are not going to spend money on costumes this year.

Make Your Costume At Home – Look around your house for old clothes, hats, accessories and craft supplies and make your own homemade Halloween costumes.

Plan Ahead! – Halloween candy and treats start appearing on store shelves around the first of September. By keeping an eye out for sales during the months of September and October, you’ll avoid that last minute panic of not having Halloween treats and paying full price.

Buy In Bulk - …. But be realistic about the quantity of treats you really need. If you only have ten or twenty kids ringing your doorbell every year, consider splitting a large, bulk package of goodies with a friend or neighbor.

Think Outside The Candy Box – There is no law that says you have to give candy to the trick-or-treaters on Halloween. In fact, many kids love to see something different in their bags when they get home. Plastic spider rings, pencils, mini microwave popcorn packs, mini pretzel bags, sticks of gum are all great, economical and healthy treats to give away.

Try Pennies And Stickers – Kids love stickers and stickers are a terrific popular, but frugal, treat to give away. Tattoos can also be a huge hit! It sounds strange, but a bowl full of pennies will make any kid’s eyes light up. Decide what you can afford to give to each child before your doorbell rings for the first time.

Make The Decision Now – Decide right now that you’re not going to spend a lot of money this year during Halloween. Keep your resolve as you walk through the discount stores and see the multitude of Halloween decorations beaming at you. By keeping it simple, you will provide a memorable and cost-effective Halloween for your family.