Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Sexy French Maid Costumes

The label “Sexy French Maid Costumes” is just about redundant! The image of a French maid is sexy enough without the word tacked on at the beginning. So, it is little wonder that many men love the idea of their wife or girlfriend dressing up in sexy French maid costumes. And, these days, Halloween is not the only time people don costumes. Between costume parties, theme parties (even adult parties!), a couple’s wedding anniversary, maybe some harmless role-playing fun and Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of occasions when sexy French maid costumes might come in useful.

Of course, some people are less than enthusiastic about the idea of walking into their local costume store and looking at some of the more risqué sexy French maid outfits. For that matter, the nearest store might be quite a long drive away. So, between embarrassment and gas prices, you might want to search for an alternative. Well, fortunately, in this day and age, an alternative is a mere mouse click away. If you go onto the Internet and do a search for costume suppliers, you will get quite the list. And, one of the best out there in cyberspace is, which will have just what you need in terms of sexy French maid costumes.

So, you want to look at sexy French maid costumes? Not a problem at; they have got a full line. Their costumes come in a wide range of sizes so it doesn’t matter if you are petite or plus size; you can find what you want. One of their outfits is specifically designed for the lady with curves, designed to make her sparkle and shine. They have a nice chambermaid’s outfit that is conservative enough for most parties, and several frisky, sexy numbers. They even have a gothic French maid’s costume, for those of the slightly “darker” mindset. And, new for 2007, they have a very hot Playboy French maid costume. Serve your man breakfast in bed in this outfit, and you will not leave the bedroom before noon! There is even a Hugh Hefner costume available for him, to truly make him feel like Mr. Playboy.

At, they have a secure checkout system that accepts all major credit cards, and shipping can be had for as little as $4.99, if you don’t mind a week or two for delivery. If you and your partner are too frisky to wait, a one to two day shipping schedule is only $17.99.

Also, you can always try putting together your own outfit. A French maid’s costume isn’t that tough, it is the sexy aspect that is sometimes elusive. Check out local thrift stores and/or Goodwill stores for old fashioned petticoats and a short black skirt.

Then, some sheer black stockings will draw attention to your legs, especially if you really shorten the skirt. A trim little lace apron, a hat and a feather duster go a long way toward completing the illusion. Again, many thrift stores will have some examples of these. For that matter, simply buying an apron at your local store and clipping it can sometimes be enough. With a little imagination, you will be surprised at how you can create several different types of Sexy French maid costumes.

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