Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween Baby Costume Idea

Little Elmira Baby Witch Costume

Witches have been about of the Halloween traditional for decades. At first the Celtic culture started Halloween or All Hallows Eve as a celebration and we have since turned it into a time for costumes, candy, and parties. Witches are always popular with the younger girls and that will include babies. If you are hoping to make a witchy Halloween you can dress as a witch and create a baby witch costume for your offspring.

There are also good witches and bad witches so you have a myriad of colors to choose from when looking for a baby witch costume. If you are interested in making a baby witch costume you can head online or to your local craft store for patterns. For some simple at home witch costume making you should see the tips below.

First when you aren’t really in the mood for purchasing a costume or spending money on fabric you can use the items you have in your home. Any baby clothing that is a dress can be quickly made into a baby witch costume. All you need is a dress with a ruffle skirt in black or white. Add a witch hat and a wand and you can have a little baby witch costume in no time. If you are looking for a better idea you can always purchase a pattern and add a few colors.

There are many Halloween baby witch costume patterns to be found online. You can add a tattered hemline to a dress, orange, black and other colors, or you can make the witch a good white witch with a snow witch costume. It is important to have leggings with the baby witch costume. The shoes should be little black numbers with a buckle on the side. The hat can be made with strong wire and black fabric for the traditional look.

Making the baby witch costume wand at home is extremely easy. You need a little pipe tubing or some tin foil. For a baby what ever you use should be covered with a soft cloth you won’t mind them chewing on. You can also add beads or bells to the inside of the wand for a little rattle. The rattle can keep your baby occupied while you socialize at the party. Elmira is actually a character from Tiny Toons a hit animation show in the late eighties. Elmira was a little girl who loved animals. In the show she was depicted as a witch during Halloween events. If you wish to stick with the Little Elmira icon you can add a red wig to your baby witch costume.

Halloween witches have been around for generations. As a baby witch costume you may not want to add long lashes or nails, but you can add a little makeup with a few warts or even fake nails made out of gloves. The tattered dress is just one design you can make with a costume at home. You can also have a straight line hem on the dress for a more simplistic pattern.

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