Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Themes for 2010

Lady Gaga exploded onto the music scene in 2008 and hasn’t been out of the limelight ever since. Her costume changes have lead to comparisons with Madonna, except that Gaga’s, it seems, are much more frequent! If you’re a female and want an eye-catching Halloween costume this Halloween, why not become Gaga for a night?

Lady Gaga Costume Ideas: Leotards and Long Blond Hair

When Lady Gaga began her career she was known for not wearing any pants. Instead, she choose leotards, long blond wigs and distinctive big sunglasses. This is the classic Lady Gaga look and the big costume manufacturers have produced a number of outfits to suit this style.

The Pokerface Adult Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Kit is a great way to get started without having to buy too many items. It comes complete with the statement wig, long black gloves, sunglasses and eyelashes so you can create the look. Just team it with a leotard and you’ll look just like the Lady herself! Don’t forget to combine this with the statement hair bow clip, which is sold separately.

Next up we have the officially licensed Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Blue Swimsuit, new for 2010. It features a vibrant blue swimsuit (showing off the legs in a way that would make Gaga proud!), with side cutouts, a plunging neckline and structured shoulders. It doesn’t come with the wig. You can buy the Lady Gaga Straight Adult Wig with Bangs separately. Combined, you’ll have an extremely distinctive Gaga getup!

The other officially licensed Lady Gaga Halloween costume to be released in 2010 is the white VMA performance outfit, coming with the crop top with attached sleeve, white hot pant shorts, boot covers and the white lace eye mask.

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Accessories

There’s no shortage of Lady Gaga Halloween costume accessories. If you want to buy your accessories then you’re probably going to want to get a wig. There are two major choices here: the blond wig (mentioned above), or the shorter blond curly wig that she was sporting throughout the first half of 2010 and in the hit video to Telephone. You can also combine the wig with the classic Lady Gaga headscarf or the Lightning Bold Makeup Kit for a more authentic look!

Lady Gaga is also famous for her hats. Instead of buying one readymade, why don’t you make your own? There really are no limits when you’re dressing in a Lady Gaga Halloween costume: the woman who wore a telephone as a hat! Be as creative and, more importantly, as BIG as you possibly can. Make heads turn and you’ll really be living like Lady Gaga!

Don’t forget the beer can hair rollers, as we saw gaga sporting in the Telephone video. A somehow classy way to wear trash! But we wouldn’t recommend teaming it with sunglasses made from lit cigarettes as she does in the video. You have been warned!

She calls her fans “Little Monsters” and that’s just what you’ll become with this Lady Gaga Costume theme for Halloween 2010!

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